IMPORTANT INFORMATION: After successfully hosting Cosmic Kingdoms for over half a year and with the 1.13 update, the server moderators would need to continue to invest a lot of time into managing and keeping the server fun for everyone. Unfortunately, many moderators have moved to different interests and dedications, so we have collectively decided to shut down Cosmic Kingdoms for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for being part of this awesome project, and we hope to see you again in the future!

Welcome to Cosmic Kingdoms!

Cosmic Kingdoms is a small, premium Minecraft server dedicated to classic gamemodes such as Skyblock, Survival and Creative.
Our dedicated staff team are always on hand to sort out any problems you may have whilst on the server, and we have a zero-tolerance policy against hackers and griefing.


  • Survival with Grief Prevention
  • Creative plotworld with Worldedit
  • Skyblock with shops and extra features
  • A magnificently built Hub
  • A minigames and PVP area, coming soon
  • An optional Discord server to chat with your friends

Come check us out today; you won’t be let down!